Indexhibit Two

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Exhibitions *solo
2017 Seattle Art Fair - SEASON
2016 Perfection of Style - w/ Prairie Underground - Dec 7, Seattle Art Museum - Seattle WA / video
2016 Out of Sight - Seattle WA
2016 this is not NOT a peepshow - The Alice - Seattle WA
2016 HOT CAR DEATH DAD* - Season - Seattle WA
2015 Slow Enhancers - Season at Platform - Seattle WA
2015 Castle Doctrine* - Totokaelo - Seattle WA
2015 Jetlag: Deep Web Neverland - curated by Dylan Neuwirth - Al Manshar Rotana - Fahaheel Kuwait
2015 Two Diaries of The Same Event Are Two Diaries* - Violet Strays / diary/video
2015 It's My Bone and My Only Delight - Season - Seattle WA
2014 Art Basel Mukwonago - curated by Sean J. Patrick Carney - Mukwonago WI
2014 Exchange Rates - Theodore:Art (Season) - Brooklyn NY
2014 The Legend of Jerry Roundtree* - UW MadCampus - Seattle WA
2014 Black Poem* - Bumbershoot - Seattle WA / promo video
2013 MONUMASS* - Victor Steinbrueck Park - Seattle WA
2012 Particles on the Wall - CWU Museum - Ellensburg WA
2012 The Material Calls - Hedreen Gallery - Seattle WA
2011 Bird in the Hand - Ornamo - Seattle WA
2010 10 Stones - Ornamo - Seattle WA

2016 Online curator for NIAD (AAOE #55): "A spoonful of drawings helps the election season go down"
2015 ROLLERGATE - Roller skating event during Seattle Art Fair featuring NIAD's Billy White!
2014 to 2016 - Board at Project Room Seattle (2014, Secretary, 2015-2016, President)
2013 Co-created (w/ Jess Van Nostrand) the 6-month Project Room series: "How is Seattle Remembered?"

2017 Meet the Dealer: Robert Yoder of Seattle's Home-Made SEASON Gallery, Loney Abrams, Artspace
2017 From Kusama to Cobain: The Third Annual Seattle Art Fair Promises Rare Opportunities and Intimate Discoveries, Emily Pothast, The Stranger
2017 Seattle Art Fair showcases local talent, Greg Bell, King5
2016 Brutalist Websites: Seth David Friedman, Pascal Deville
2016 Out of Sight: The Pacific Northwest Art Show is Harder, Better, Faster in Year 2, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2016 The Sights of 'Out of Sight', Bruce Clayton Tom/Amanda Manitach, City Arts
2015 Endless Summer: Prolonged moments among Season gallery's paintings, Erin Langner, New American Paintings
2015 Invitation in Seattle: Slow Enhancers, Sharon Butler, Two Coats of Paint
2014 West Coast represents at Exchange Rates Bushwick, Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic
2014 Weekend pick, Exchange Rates in Bushwick, Sharon Butler, Two Coats of Paint
2014 Beat Nite & Exchange Rates are taking over your weekend gallery hop, Katie Killary, Bushwick Daily
2014 What's that by the side of the road? UW becomes MadCampus, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2014 Get Mad, Miguel Edwards, City Arts
2014 Bumbershoot 2014: More than 100 visual artists to explore, Nancy Worssam, Seattle Times
2014 Bumbershoot: Music, Comedy, & Art Safely Tucked Under Seattle’s Umbrella, Sam Cross, Maniacal Geek
2014 The Stranger's Guide to Bumbershoot 2014, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2014 Black Poem is more than meets the eye, Trennesia Jackson, What's Good 206
2014 August 2014: Bumbershoot, Isabel Herlevi, Life Here
2014 Visual Art Bumber-News, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2014 What is your Selfie Pleasure?, Alicia Eler, Hyperallergic
2013 Diary of a Pinkish Stone in Victor Steinbrueck Park, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2013 Six of the Best (interview), Philip Hartigan, Praeterita
2012 What We Lost That We Never Had, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2011 Stranger Suggests, Jen Graves, The Stranger
2011 The Recognitions: Seth David Friedman and James Washington, Jessica Powers, ArtSlant