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Landscape intervention in La Cerdanya

El Pla housing scheme common areas, Prats i Sansor, La Cerdanya 2001-2003 The housing scheme common areas to be landscaped were all barren fields where only a bit of grass could grow. Therefore, for planting trees and bushes two basic things were needed: earth and water.

The soil came on trucks and the proposed irrigation system was based on the harvesting of the existing runoff rainwater of the site. The precious resource is stored in a huge “iconically” circular pond located in the center of the plot. The new infrastructure quickly became the place to meet and remain, and not only for humans, but also for aquatic insects, birds and frogs.

The proposed trees are all deciduous (Betula and Populous,) like the ones by all the nearby streams that cross the valley. Their layout is related with the characteristics of their specific location and the impressive distant views of the site. In the central areas of the park the trees were planted in groups with different densities, being the highest one by the road to minimize its cut through the plot, and at the end of the three “corridors” very tall lined up Populus Nigra “Italica” frame the views of the remote blue mountain hills.